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The best part of a dinner meal, or even an afternoon snack, is the enjoyment one gets from a mouthwatering dessert, and that is what Luxurious Desserts is all about. Every dessert on our menu has been prepared with the utmost care, with a very specific rationale of why each dessert is different from any other similar dessert in the marketplace, with the finest quality local ingredients. 

Creativity and experience count, which has allowed Malcolm Stogo (Ice Cream Hall of Fame), combined with over 40 years of experience, to be able to offer you, our customers, this dessert menu that you will enjoy today, and for many more days to come.

We know that a buying decision can be difficult, and from whom, so feel free to call Malcolm at 973-669-1060, and/or email him at with any questions you might have.    


About Malcolm Stogo

When sitting down to dinner there is probably nothing more luxurious than thinking about the enjoyment you will get from the first bite of a dessert.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce the creation of our new dessert company, LUXURIOUS DESSERTS, by Malcolm Stogo, Inventor of Cookies & Crème Ice Cream and 2014 Ice Cream Hall of Fame Inductee, and Thalia Hohenthal,  2016 inductee in the Candy Hall of Fame.

 In 1978, when I invented Cookies & Crème, I had a saying that I promoted in my first advertisements- IF YOU TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST. Forty-two years later, Thalia and I can now say the same.

It has taken many years of tinkering and developing to create the most original desserts that are 100% all-natural, and to enjoy in the comfort of your home, anytime. We are happy to accommodate all your dessert needs, shipped anywhere in the USA at a nominal shipping cost. Choose what you desire; each is outstanding.  Try as many as you want. 

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