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  • ?Does Luxurious Dessert Products A Nut Allergen
    Our ingredient declaration lists nuts where applicable in our flavor recipe. At our facility, using our equipment, many of our products are made with nuts.
  • ?Are Artificial Ingredients or Food Colors Used in Any Flavor
    We do not use any artificial ingredients or colors in any Luxurious Dessert product.
  • ?Can You Ship Your Products Directly to My Home
    Yes, we do ship anywhere in the USA.
  • ?Do You Have Peanuts Or Tree Nuts In Your Plant
    Yes, the production plant produces other dairy and plant based free products that contain peanuts and tree nuts.
  • ? How Do I Know When A Product Has Been Produced
    On the bottom of each container, we have a SELL BY DATE. Our products have a 18-month shelf life under proper freezer conditions.
  • ?Is There Wheat Or Corn Syrup In Roots Products
    There is no wheat or any corn syrup.
  • ?Does Luxurious Dessert Use MSG in its Natural Flavors
    All Luxurious Dessert products are all natural and contain no MSG.
  • Where Can I Find Nutritional Information About Luxurious Dessert products
    All nutritional information and ingredient declarations are on the Luxurious Dessert product container, as well as our website.
  • I Have A Serious Allergens Issue - Can I Eat A Luxurious Dessert Product
    If your allergen issues are so severe that any trace of dairy, tree nuts, or eggs can affect your health, we recommend you not eating any Luxurious Dessert product. Why. Because our production plant does produce products that also make dairy ice cream, and some products do contain dairy, nuts, eggs and soy.
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